The Green party pledges green furture for economy

Green Party pledge

The Green Party have released details about a new deal that could aid the conservation of our planet, as well as attempting to tackle the issues of mass production and consumption, and economic inequality.

Caroline Lucas from the Green Party has described, in an article in The Guardian newspaper, the types of changes that she would like to propose in the battle against capitalism and the destruction of our environment.

The heart of this approach is centred on rejecting the current government’s plot to make huge budget cuts, especially within the public services.

Instead, the Green Party are suggesting this country invests in a new “green infrastructure”, which would not only help in the fight against climate change and towards nature conservation, but it will also help create a huge number of jobs in the trade sector.

By regenerating every building in the UK to be highly energy efficient and partially self-reliant on their own energy supplies, this scheme could produce a huge number of jobs for numerous trades – such as engineers, plumbers, builders and electricians, to name just a few.

The possibility of implementing a new zero-waste strategy could also help create tens of thousands of jobs in the public service sector, especially for refuse collectors, and the party’s idea to train thousands of people in horticulture in order to produce more locally sourced food, would also produce many more jobs for people in their local areas.

This new Green “deal” is proposed to be funded partly by the new tax revenues generated by the scheme, as well as from private funding, repaid from savings on homeowners’ and businesses’ energy bills.

Could this be the future for an environment-friendly, economic equality-driven society? Only time will tell. Get in touch and give me your views on this proposal.