Beetles and Butterflies might beat it

Chalkhill Blue Butterfly

The Hister Beetle is also at risk of becoming extinct in the Midlands. Usually found buried under the bark in many of our local parks, this unique species of beetle is renowned for its ability to live side-by-side with ants and termites –a rare feat amongst other beetles in the world.

Our peaceful and harmonious friends could soon be gone forever, and you can bet the ants and termites aren’t looking forward to whatever new beetle crew takes their place!

Worse still is the news that the beautiful Chalkhill Blue Butterfly could flutter away for good. This breed is only found in the UK, but due to it’s habitat of chalk and limestone grassland beginning to decline, this majestic creation may soon be extinct.

How will our Augusts’ ever be the same without the sight of this startling butterfly hovering above our shrubs and flowers?