I’m not happy!

I'm not a happy bunny

I am extremely disappointed with the ignorance I faced from the Birmingham branch of the Wildlife Trust over the last week. I have been researching the local Eco Park volunteer days that the organisation runs on a weekly basis, and I contacted a local centre to ask for further information on the project.

After speaking to a very nice gentleman on th phone, I was told that the best person to speak to was a “Colin” from the BBC, and was given his email address. I emailed this “Colin”, explaining who I was, and what information I was looking for and I have still yet to receive so much as a short email back.

I was quite surprised that I didn’t receive anything back from what I would have considered to be such a highly regarded organisation, especially given that I was offering to write about (and therefore promote) the brilliant work that they do to help the conservation of local areas all across the UK.

So, I’m simply going to write the article with whatever information I can lay my hands on, given that I clearly am not going to get the information I requested from the organisation. It’s a shame really…I did expect better.


“Lord Of The Rings” bog wins grant

A Birmingham nature reserve, which had been the inspiration for the Old Forest in JR Tolkien’s famous novels “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”, has won a £376,500 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

Tolkein's Mysterious Old Forest

The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country will be undertaking the restoration of Moseley Bog and Joy’s Wood Local Nature Reserve, in an attempt to reverse the many years of underinvestment the site has suffered, and instead aim to conserve the key heritage features and biodiversity.

This is an important break-through for the bog – which was at one point destined to become a landfill site – as it is home to numerous forms of habitats and a high volume of species, including birds, invertebrates and small mammals.

The area, which is part of a wildlife corridor between Woodgate Valley and Kings Heath, will receive treatment which includes hedgerow restoration, meadow management and tree safety. There is also to be a range of learning materials including resource packs produced and an outreach programme for schools and community groups, as well as a website and self guided MP3 tours for the site.

So why not take a trip down to Mosley Bog and Joy’s Wood Local Nature Reserve, and find a little magic and mystery for yourself? Who knows, maybe you’ll even spot a hobbit or two along the way!

Bees in need

Could you adopt this bee?

Beekeepers all over Britain are urging bee lovers to “adopt” a hive, to help improve the future for the common honeybee.

With the numbers of the honeybee declining steadily, the British Beekeeper’s Association (BBKA) are promoting a new campaign to encourage bee lovers – especially those who are unwilling or unable to keep a hive of their own – to help fund the protection of our fuzzy, winged friends.

The money will be used to aid research into the health of bees and support the training for beekeepers around the UK.

With the commercial value of honey weighing in between a massive £10 million to £30 million, it’s no surprise to learn that numerous areas of the UK’s economy could be affected.

Agriculturists and chefs alike could suffer if the number of honey bees continues to decline. So much so, that the Telegraph has reported that Michelin-star chef Raymond Blanc is backing the campaign.

If you would like to adopt a hive, visit the BBKA for more information.