I’m not happy!

I'm not a happy bunny

I am extremely disappointed with the ignorance I faced from the Birmingham branch of the Wildlife Trust over the last week. I have been researching the local Eco Park volunteer days that the organisation runs on a weekly basis, and I contacted a local centre to ask for further information on the project.

After speaking to a very nice gentleman on th phone, I was told that the best person to speak to was a “Colin” from the BBC, and was given his email address. I emailed this “Colin”, explaining who I was, and what information I was looking for and I have still yet to receive so much as a short email back.

I was quite surprised that I didn’t receive anything back from what I would have considered to be such a highly regarded organisation, especially given that I was offering to write about (and therefore promote) the brilliant work that they do to help the conservation of local areas all across the UK.

So, I’m simply going to write the article with whatever information I can lay my hands on, given that I clearly am not going to get the information I requested from the organisation. It’s a shame really…I did expect better.



  1. Clare Anne said,

    April 15, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    I hate that, I keep getting sent from one person to another and they all plead ignorance!

    You can just wack at the bottom that they refused to comment and then it’s their own fault they’ve ended up with negative publicity!


  2. Rachel Trinder said,

    April 15, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    I hate it when this happens.

    The last article I wrote, granted I got an email, but it was merely to say that the guy didn’t want to give me any info as he didn’t think the readers of our website would be interested. I just thought, well it’s an environmental issue and that’s what our site is about, so why the hell not?!

    Anyway, I just wrote the article on info I found off the internet around the subject matter, found a few good forum posts about it that I included as ‘quotes’ and named and shamed the guy and said he wasn’t willing to comment, which I considered to be a rather good ‘screw you’ to him = ]

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