Bye Bye Birdie

The Twite Finch

The Twite Finch

The West Midlands is suffering from a continuing rise in numerous species of animal and plant life becoming endangered.

Many people will be fond of the small, speckled brown Twite bird, which was often seen fluttering around many of the more rural areas of the West Midlands in previous years – mostly because our local area provides plenty of low-lying shrubbery and bushes, in which it builds its nests. So it will be a shock to many an avid bird watcher to find that this little cutie is actually becoming extinct in the West Midlands and Birmingham areas.

It would be a sad day to find that this little finch had finally disappeared from our hedge ways for good, so stick a bird-feeder in your back garden full of seeds and welcome the little guys in to set up home in your hedge.


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